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To get you started on the path to becoming an octogenarian ninja, we give you your first two lessons. Learn how to fight back when someone is putting a restraining device on you, stealing your half-finished dinner, or if some weird-o tries putting the moves on you during nap-time. Hi-yah!


APE was created to improve conditions for nursing home residents, to give residents a voice that will be heard, to educate residents and their families on nursing home issues concerning quality of care, and to provide direction to legal resources. Their site features action alerts, breaking news, and information on how to fill out and pursue a complaint against an abusive company.

It is vital for your family member that you spend a considerable amount of time researching the nursing home before you send them to the home. It is much easier to pick a good home in the beginning than it is to choose a poor home and have to go through the many obstacles to improve the care or try to transfer your family member to another facility. It is important not to judge the nursing home on the basis of a guided tour or the nice furniture and wallpaper in the lobby. You must remember that, especially in a for-profit nursing home, they put a lot of effort in marketing to convince you to bring your family member to their home. The pictures of happy grandmas in their brochures, nice dining rooms and landscaped entrances do not give you an idea of the quality of the basic care that your family member will receive. This site gives you some basic tips to keep in mind when looking for a nursing home.

As the population of the United States gets older and older, more and more people end up in nursing homes. In fact, the population of the elderly in nursing homes is soaring. Although the abuse and mistreatment of elderly people in nursing homes is appalling, it does occur and litigation cases for this type of civil and criminal wrong are on the rise. This book helps teach you how to investigate nursing home abuse.

If you are interested in helping senior citizens and the aged deal with elder abuse, nursing home problems, nursing home abuse, and nursing home neglect, this website can help you. TANHR is interested in meaningful nursing home reform and in preserving and promoting residents' rights.

Seniors are prime targets for abuse or other injustices in many forms: mental, physical, financial, etc. This bulletin board provides a chance to speak out to let others know about your experience or to ask for advice.