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We Don't Player Hate, We Congratulate.

These Hos aren't waving their asses about on Capitol Hill so you come and talk to them about how you lost your job and can't afford healthcare. Awwww Hell no...

No self-respecting Ho just wants to cuddle and talk about your problems. Where's the money in that? These Hos are after the cheddar, baby. And I've come to get my cut...


Ho Gallery.
The following is just a very small sample of what some of the Hos up in Congress are raking in, and who's payin'. Ask yourself, can you give these Ho's the money they crave? Click on the names or pictures to see the full takings and who's been paying for their attention.


Ho number 1. Bill Thomas (R) CA
Pharmaceuticals: $82,616
Agribusiness: $43,030
Insurance: $72,250
Ho number 2. Tom DeLay (R) TX
Oil & Gas: $29,650
Defense: $34,000
Insurance: $26,500
Ho number 3. Phil Gramm (R) TX
Insurance: $70,636
Securities & Investment: $54,500
Banks: $35,000
Ho number 4. Orrin Hatch (R) UT
Pharmaceuticals: $116,965
Lawyers & Lobbyists: $66,110
Insurance: $78,499
Ho number 5. Dianne Feinstein (D) CA
Defense: $47,431
Agribusiness: $45,423
Lawyers: $40,750
Ho number 6. Richard Baker (R) LA
Agribusiness: $30,912
Banks: $63,300
Energy: $20,383


And who are the John's who've been paying the pricey sums for these Hos? Let me introduce you to the people who're really running our country.

Tobacco companies threw huge sacks of cash at Congress in 1998 (bribes contributions from tobacco companies almost doubled in this time) to help Congress think about the specifics of a $360 billion settlement against the industry. Phillip Morris and British American Tobacco were the top two biggest spenders of any industry in 1998, giving 23 and 25 million respectively. Not surprisingly, harsh legislation against the companies was killed on the Senate floor, and a settlement far more favorable to the tobacco industry was found.

Automotive companies seeking to kill environmental legislation against their heavy-polluting SUV's dumped a truckload of democracy-buying cheddar on the steps of Congress. Ford, with $13 million in contributions, gave more than twice the amount it did the year before. Other big spenders were GM with $7.3 million and DaimlerChrysler with $6.2 mil. Fear not citizens, you might not be able to breathe, but you can drive that 4WD behemoth in from the suburbs (over other cars if necessary).

Insurance, the wonderful people who've made a huge profit by cutting corners on your healthcare. You always hear so much about healthcare reform, and millions of Americans are still without any care at all, so why does nothing happen? You guessed it, CHEDDAR, and lots of it. HMO's use the money they've saved by denying quality care and life-saving organ transplants to buy more democracy. Blue Cross/Blue Shield contributed $8 million, The Health Insurance Assoc. of America sent along $4.4 million, and AFLAC coughed up a measly $2.5 million to Congressional Hos.

Defense - The industry which has been so liberally selling the weapons which are now being used against civilians and American soldiers. Congress then uses the fact that we've given too many people too many guns to drum up fear - to buy more weapons to fight those who bought our weapons... Huh? If it sounds like a vicious cycle that could be stopped by simply not making so many damned weapons, well we agree. But there's money to be made in killing people. The Johns in the defense industry (like Lockheed Martin who gave almost $6 million) give heavily to make sure we keep that military development at a Cold War level. No enemies, no matter. If they spread enough guns around, sooner or later some group will start shooting another and the U.S. will be more than happy to go in and shoot both of em them. Mo' money, mo' bodies, mo' money...


Know a ho.
Think you might Know a Ho? The people at Opensecrets.org have an incredible database that was invaluable in tracking what ho made what loot where. Click here to see who your Congress member is calling "Daddy."